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ILDONG Bioscience is a comprehensive health functional food company established based on Ildong Pharmaceutical's expertise that led the history of probiotics in Korea in 1959.

ILDONG Bioscience is a leading probiotics manufacturer and functional raw materials from culturing probiotics.

In addition to producing 19 types of probiotics, research activities are also actively underway to develop functional probiotics that effectively improve skin wrinkles, irritable skin immunity, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Not just a company that produces probiotics by extracting raw drugs and functional substances, we are becoming a comprehensive health functional food company with the introduction of the world's most giant fermentation tanks.

In particular, we dedicate to creating products that customers trust with excellent quality under the corporate philosophy of ILDONG Group that contributes to humankind's health and happy life.

ILDONG Bioscience promises to continue to grow more sincerely and honestly into a "company trusted by customers," "company boasting the best quality," and "comprehensive health functional food company representing Korea."

Thank you.


Our Story

ILDONG Pharmaceutical, probiotics expertise over 80 years,

began its career by launching Korea’s first probiotic supplement named ‘BIOVITA’, which half of the population in the country consumed. 

Focused on its dedicated efforts in R&D and Fermentation Technology, ILDONG BIOSCIENCE was founded as a Nutraceutical Company of ILDONG Group.

We feature 50-ton fermentation tanks, the largest in the world, as well as a complete extraction system for supplying high-quality health supplement ingredients. Also, to ensure the safety and quality of raw materials, every finished good from ILDONG Bioscience is manufactured according to the Functional Food GMP standards.

ILDONG Bioscience manages every phase of the manufacturing process, from sourcing raw materials to shipment and delivering products according to strict quality control standards such as GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000, and FSSC 22000.


ILDONG BIOSCIENCE manages every single phase of the manufacturing process, from raw materials sourcing to shipment, according to strict quality control standards such as GMP and HACCP. We have obtained international certifications to satisfy the needs of global clients.

ILDONG Probiotics are both HALAL and KOSHER certified, each granted to products produced and manufactured under Islamic law and Jewish law.


Our probiotics have proven acceptable globally in different cultures through these recognition processes. This will support the smooth expansion of the overseas markets of our customer's finished products.

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