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Clinically Proven

Probiotics Blend

Clinically Proven Probiotics Blend which can improve bowel movement, gut health, and lower gastrointestinal symptoms.

Its efficacy has been proven through a wide range of clinical tests, including in vitro, in vivo, and human.​

Lactobacillus johnsonii IDCC 9203

Lactobacillus plantarum IDCC 3501

Bifidobacterium lactis IDCC 4301

Changes in lower abdominal symptoms 

A comparison of the two groups for changes in stool form, stool frequency, and abnormal bowel movement symptoms from baseline to week 8 revealed a higher decrease in abdominal pain and bloating in the ID-JPL934 group than in the placebo group, suggesting significant differences between the two groups.

JPL934 Placebo-2.png
JPL934 JPL-2.png
JPL934 Word 2.png

Comparison of changes in stool form, frequency of bowel movements per day, and abnormal bowel movement symptoms from baseline to week 8 between the 2 groups.

A significantly higher relief of overall lower abdominal symptoms was observed in the ID-JPL934 group than in the placebo group in the intention-to-treat analysis.

JPL934 Placebo-1.png
JPL934 Word 1.png
JPL934 JPL-1.png

Relief of overall symptoms in the ID-JPL934 group vs. placebo group after 8-week treatment.

Improvement in overall symptoms at week 8

Metagenomic analyses of participants’ fecal samples.

The levels of serum IL-6 were significantly decreased in the ID-JPL934 group after the treatment, while no significant changes were found in the levels of the placebo group, and the difference was significant.

JPL934 Placebo-2.png
JPL934 Word 3.png
JPL934 JPL-2.png

Effects of ID-JPL934 on blood levels of IL-6



Clinically proven blend JPL934™ is applied with the Q shield technology.

1. Significant enhancement in the tolerance to intestinal stresses.

2. Significant enhancement of adhesion to the intestinal mucus.

3. To maintain gut health caused by the balance of microbiota, probiotics inhibit pathogenic bacterial adhesion to the intestine.

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