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Mediraw Pharma & Nutra PVT. LTD


Mediraw is a renowned company specializing in the pharma excipients business. With a rich history of over 32 years, Mediraw have gained the trust and satisfaction of numerous national and international customers. Mediraw's success can be attributed to the wide range of aspects.

In terms of Market Leadership, Mediraw stands out by staying ahead of industry trends and anticipating customer needs. We continuously invest in research and development, embracing innovation to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. By leveraging our deep understanding of the market, Mediraw deliver products and services that drive the success of our customers.

When it comes to Product & Solutions Offerings, Mediraw is committed to delivering excellence. We prioritize the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance to ensure the safety and efficacy of products. Mediraw's dedicated team of professionals, including industry experts and researchers, work tirelessly to develop and offer innovative products that meet the evolving demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Virender Singh - Head of Marketing & Sales


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