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Global Aspirations: 20th Anniversary of Health Functional Food Association and Recognition of Excellence

2024년 2월 22일

Celebrating Industry Milestones and Honoring Outstanding Contribution of Oh Dong-hoon

Marking the 20th anniversary of the Health Functional Food Act, the Health Functional Food Association is intensifying its efforts to broaden its global horizon. At its 35th regular general meeting held at the association's headquarters on the 22nd, the Association reflected on the past year's achievements and set forth plans for international expansion in the upcoming year.

Chairman Chung Myung-soo, in his address to the members, conveyed deep appreciation for the dedication and hard work that has propelled the industry forward. He announced, "In recognition of the 20th anniversary of the Health Functional Food Act, we are committed to leading our domestic health functional foods to global innovation and recognition."

A highlight of the meeting was the accolade bestowed upon Oh Dong-hoon, head of the overseas sales team at Ildong Bioscience, who was awarded the prestigious Health Functional Food Association President's List. This honor was in acknowledgment of his significant contributions to the growth and development of the health functional food industry. Under Oh's leadership, Ildong Bioscience has become a key player in promoting the excellence of Korean probiotics worldwide, underscoring the global appeal of Korean health functional foods.

Chairman Chung further underscored the Association's strategic focus on crafting a comprehensive, long-term development plan for the health functional food industry. This plan aims to bolster export competitiveness, streamline regulations and policies to fit the market environment, and ensure the industry's dynamic growth on the global stage. Through these efforts, the Association is poised to elevate Korean health functional foods to new heights, building on two decades of legislative support and sectoral progress, with industry leaders like Oh Dong-hoon leading the charge.

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