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Pioneers in
Post & Parabiotics Manufacturing

As the only manufacturer authorized by the Korean FDA, ILDONG Bioscience is a leader in functional post & parabiotics production. We uniquely blend cutting-edge science with stringent quality standards to deliver superior post & parabiotics solutions. We're pioneering the future of health and wellness through our specialized and innovative products.

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Your Post & Parabiotics  Solutions

Discover the power of Your Post & Parabiotics Solutions – a revolutionary approach to enhancing your gut health and boosting your immune system. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with our scientifically-backed, innovative products tailored to your health needs.

RHT3201® : Immune Postbiotics

Harness the power of RHT3201®, our advanced immune postbiotic formula, designed to fortify your immune system with the stability and benefits of postbiotic compounds.

BBR4401® : Cholesterol Parabiotics

"BBR4401® brings you the latest in cholesterol management, a pioneering parabiotic solution specifically tailored to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Discover the Postbiotics and Parabiotics: The Next Frontier in Gut Health

Explore the emerging world of gut health with postbiotics and parabiotics, the innovative frontiers beyond probiotics. Postbiotics, the beneficial by-products of probiotic bacteria, offer a range of health benefits without the need for live microbes. Parabiotics, consisting of inactivated bacterial cells, provide a safe and stable alternative, enhancing health with their unique biological activities

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Postbiotics: The Health-Promoting Powerhouses

Postbiotics are beneficial by-products of probiotic bacterial fermentation, including substances like short-chain fatty acids and peptides. They contribute to improved gut health and immune system support. Being non-living, postbiotics offer greater stability and a longer shelf life than probiotics.

Parabiotics: Unlocking Health Benefits from Inactive Microbes

Parabiotics are non-viable microbial cells, often inactivated probiotic bacteria, that positively influence health. They interact with the immune system and gut microbiota to provide benefits, despite not being live bacteria, offering a safe and stable alternative in nutritional science.

RHT3201® : Postbiotics on Hypersensitivity

RHT3201® is a groundbreaking postbiotic approved by Korea's FDA. It effectively balances the immune response, crucial for preventing hypersensitivity reactions like allergies and asthma. Clinical trials demonstrate its ability to reduce hypersensitivity indicators and improve symptoms in atopic dermatitis patients.

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Effective Immunomodulation

Modulates the immune system, reducing hypersensitivity reactions  with biomarkers clinically proven with atopic dermatitis

Clinically Proven Benefits

  • Reduces Allergic Reactions

  • Balances Immune System

  • Decreases Eosinophil Count

  • Lowers IL-31 Levels

  • Reduces Serum IgE

First KFDA-Approved Postbiotic

A pioneering postbiotic, distinguished as the first of its kind to receive approval from Korea's Food & Drug Administration.

Versatile Formulation

Offers unparalleled formulation flexibility, suitable for high-heat or high-water processes, while maintaining its stability

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BBR4401® : Parabiotics on LDL Cholesterol

BBR4401®, a novel parabiotics, has earned approval from Korea's KFDA for its exceptional cholesterol-managing properties. It innovatively facilitates the hydrolysis of conjugated bile, boosting the body's conversion of cholesterol into bile acids. Rigorous clinical evaluations have validated BBR4401®'s efficacy in lowering cholesterol levels and enhancing gut health, significantly alleviating issues like defecation strain. Furthermore, BBR4401®'s formulation is designed for optimal stability and effectiveness.

Cholesterol Reduction

BBR4401 significantly lowers LDL cholesterol, known as "bad" cholesterol, in the bloodstream

Hydrolysis of Conjugated Bile

Aids in breaking down conjugated bile acids, enhancing cholesterol metabolism.

Boosts Bile Acid Synthesis

Promotes the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids, utilizing more cholesterol from the liver.

Hydrolysis of Conjugated Bile

It aids in breaking down conjugated bile acids, enhancing cholesterol metabolism.

Improves Gut Health

Effectively reduces common gut issues like defecation strain, distension, and runny feces.

Seocnd KFDA-Approved Postbiotics

Approved by Korea's Food and Drug Administration for its health benefits.

Versatile Formulation

Offers unparalleled formulation flexibility, suitable for high-heat or high-water processes, while maintaining its stability

Enhance Your Range: Inquire About Our Post & Parabiotics!

Unlock the potential of next-generation ingredients by inquiring about our premium postbiotics and parabiotics. Connect with us to explore how these advanced components can revolutionize your health and wellness products.

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