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Innovating Health
with BBR4401® – The Future of Cholesterol Management

Explore the revolutionary world of parabiotics with ILDONG Bioscience's BBR4401, a Korean FDA-approved supplement. A pioneering solution in cholesterol and gut health management, BBR4401 represents the cutting-edge in functional parabiotics.

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BBR4401®: A New Era in Cholesterol Parabiotics by ILDONG Bioscience

ILDONG Bioscience introduces BBR4401, a novel parabiotic recognized by Korea's KFDA for its innovative approach to health. Harnessing the power of Bifidobacterium breve IDCC 4401, this product stands at the forefront of cholesterol and gut health management.

Exploring the Study

Delve into the groundbreaking clinical trial of BBR4401, a game-changer in cholesterol management. This in-depth study, designed as a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, focused on adults with moderate hypercholesterolemia. Over 12 weeks, it evaluated the effects of different doses of BBR4401, a parabiotic derived from Bifidobacterium breve, against a placebo.

Discovering the Results

The study's remarkable findings showcased significant reductions in LDL-cholesterol levels among participants receiving BBR4401, highlighting its efficacy. Furthermore, the careful assessment of BBR4401's safety and tolerability confirms its potential as a reliable and innovative solution for cholesterol management.

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Proven Results: BBR4401®'s Impact on LDL-Cholesterol

Discover the remarkable effectiveness of BBR4401 in cholesterol management. In a 12-week clinical study, LDL-cholesterol levels significantly decreased with BBR4401 treatment: an 8.1% reduction in the low-dose group and an impressive 10.8% reduction in the high-dose group. These results demonstrate BBR4401's potent ability to lower LDL-cholesterol in adults with moderate hypercholesterolemia.


Low Dose in 12 Weeks


High Dose in 4 Weeks

The study demonstrated that BBR 4401 had a cholesterol-lowering effect, with LDL-cholesterol levels decreasing significantly in both low- and high-dose groups after 4-12 weeks. ApoB levels also decreased, supporting its cholesterol-lowering effect.

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Enhancing Digestive Wellness: How BBR 4401® Elevates Bowel Habits

The study also assessed the impact of BBR 4401 on bowel habits. Interestingly, the results showed that BBR 4401 led to improvements in symptoms like defecation strain, distension, and runny feces in both the low- and high-dose groups. These positive changes in bowel habits may be attributed to the presence of heat-killed cells and their components found in BBR 4401.

Cholesterol Reduction

BBR4401 significantly lowers LDL cholesterol, known as "bad" cholesterol, in the bloodstream

Hydrolysis of Conjugated Bile

Aids in breaking down conjugated bile acids, enhancing cholesterol metabolism.

Boosts Bile Acid Synthesis

Promotes the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids, utilizing more cholesterol from the liver.

Improves Gut Health

Effectively reduces common gut issues like defecation strain, distension, and runny feces.

Seocnd KFDA-Approved Postbiotics

Approved by Korea's Food and Drug Administration for its health benefits.

Hydrolysis of Conjugated Bile

It aids in breaking down conjugated bile acids, enhancing cholesterol metabolism.

Versatile Formulations
with Parabiotics

Explore the future of wellness through our versatile probiotic formulations, enhanced by their unique parabiotics feature. Our product range includes capsules, sticks, gummies, stick jellies, tablets, chewables, and drops, offering tailored solutions to suit your individual health and lifestyle requirements. 

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Stick Jelly

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Soft gel

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Oil Drops

Unlocking your health with BBR4401: The Future of Parabiotics Innovation

Discover the cutting-edge world of parabiotics with BBR4401! Revolutionize your wellness journey with this groundbreaking probiotic solution. Say goodbye to ordinary supplements and embrace the future of gut health today!

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