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ILDONG Bioscience's Notable Participation in "2023 Vita Foods Asia"

2023년 9월 25일

Expanding Horizons: Ildong Bioscience's Breakthrough in Global Probiotic Market at 2023 Vita Foods Asia

Ildong Bioscience, a subsidiary of the Ildong Pharmaceutical Group, recently announced its active participation in the "2023 Vita Foods Asia," the premier health functional food exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. This significant event took place at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand, from September 20th to 22nd.

Showcasing Probiotic Expertise

At the exhibition, Ildong Bioscience established a promotional booth, showcasing its array of probiotics, postbiotics-related functional materials, and original technologies, including the innovative quadruple coating methods. The display aimed to introduce these advanced products and technologies to a diverse audience, including company officials and industry experts.

Positive Response and Industry Recognition

An official from Ildong Bioscience expressed satisfaction with the reception of their products at the event. The company's patented lactobacillus strains, known for aiding in body fat reduction, along with other raw materials certified by the U.S. GRAS and registered by the Canadian Ministry of Health, garnered positive responses. The focus was on underscoring the unique aspects of their materials and seeking potential cooperative partnerships.

Expanding Market Reach

Ildong Bioscience is not new to the Thai market, having already established a supply contract with a local healthcare company in Thailand for probiotic materials. The company aims to amplify its promotional and marketing activities, intending to expand its customer base and explore further opportunities in the Southeast Asian markets, including Thailand.

A Legacy of Innovation and Quality

Established in 2016 as part of Ildong Holdings, Ildong Bioscience is built upon the source technology and infrastructure related to lactobacillus from Ildong Pharmaceutical. The company specializes in supplying probiotic raw materials and products to leading domestic and international companies. It stands out with its in-house developed functional materials and the patented quadruple coating method, enhancing the stability of its products.


Ildong Bioscience's participation in "2023 Vita Foods Asia" highlights its commitment to advancing in the field of health functional foods. By showcasing its innovative products and technologies, the company not only reinforces its position in the industry but also paves the way for expanding its influence in the global market, particularly in Southeast Asia.

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