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Partners with Jeon Ji-hyun to Champion Postbiotics, Aiming to Boost Market in Korea and Globally

2024년 4월 1일

ILDONG Bioscience Elevates Health and Wellness Through Innovative Postbiotics with Jeon Ji-hyun

In a strategic initiative to highlight the significance of postbiotics in health and wellness, ILDONG Bioscience, a distinguished entity within the ILDONG Pharmaceutical family, has announced its collaboration with the acclaimed actor Jeon Ji-hyun, also known globally as Gianna Jun. This partnership is at the heart of a dynamic campaign to promote gQ Lab, a postbiotic brand that underscores the science and benefits of postbiotics.

Jeon Ji-hyun has been chosen for her influential stature and charismatic confidence, which resonate with gQ Lab's core values and mission. Her credibility and wide-reaching appeal are seen as key assets in communicating the brand's message and enhancing its visibility not just in Korea but on a global stage.

The campaign is centered on the 'gQ Lab Series,' particularly spotlighting the 'gQ Lab Intestinal Health Post Solution.' Developed by ILDONG Bioscience, this innovative product is a testament to the company's commitment to advancing health through science. It incorporates prebiotics and the functionally recognized postbiotic RHT3201, aimed at enhancing intestinal health and skin immunity. Detailed information about RHT3201 and its development can be explored at ILDONG Bioscience's website:

ILDONG Bioscience's campaign extends its reach through educational initiatives and promotional activities to articulate the unique advantages of postbiotics. As elucidated by Lee Shin-young, executive director of ILDONG Bioscience, postbiotics are crucial metabolites from probiotics, offering benefits that are backed by rigorous scientific research and trials. Their ability to maintain stability and efficacy through the digestive process stands out as a key feature.

In anticipation of the campaign's launch, ILDONG Bioscience is refreshing its brand identity, unveiling new logos and packaging to precede the TV advertisement for 'gQ Lab Intestinal Health Post Solution' set to air in April.

This new venture with Jeon Ji-hyun is a significant stride for ILDONG Bioscience as it seeks to invigorate the postbiotics market, aiming to expand its reach and impact both in Korea and internationally. By leveraging Jeon Ji-hyun's influence and the innovative science behind postbiotics, ILDONG Bioscience is poised to lead and transform the health and wellness landscape.

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