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Additional 3 Strains Got NHP number from Health Canada

2023년 2월 8일

ILDONG Bioscience has total 9 Strains with NHP Number from Health Canada

Ildong Bioscience announced on the 8th that it has registered three kinds of its probiotics ingredients as Natural Health Products (NHP) of Health Canada.

The official stressed that the achievement was achieved about four months after registering six species recently.

Health Canada NHP registration is a system that manages and supervises consumers in accordance with related regulations so that they can safely consume and use health products such as vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

Registration is determined through data verification and expert evaluation of the safety and quality of raw materials and products, and the evaluation is also reflect whether the entire process of distribution and sales as well as the manufacturing stage meets related standards.

As a result, Ildong Bioscience has registered a total of nine strains in Canada, and will continue to operate based on them, officials said.

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