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Awarded the 'One Million Dollar Export Tower'

2022년 12월 6일

ILDONG Bioscience awarded the 'One Million Dollar Export Tower'

Excellence in export of probiotics and raw ingredients.

Ildong Bioscience, a health functional food business affiliate of Ildong Pharmaceutical announced that it had been awarded the 'Export Tower' in commemoration of the 59th Trade Day.

The ‘Export Tower’ is an award recognized by the Korea International Trade Association and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for organizations that have contributed to pioneering overseas markets by expanding exports and creating job opportunities.

This year, Ildong Bioscience achieved export performance of about 1.98 million Dollars from the second half of 2021 to the first half of 2022, and was awarded the ‘One Million Dollar Export Tower.’

The company stated that it has achieved results in the US and Chinese markets, as well as markets in Thailand and SEA, by supplying its labelled probiotic strains patented by quadruple coating technology.

Ildong Bioscience’s representative stated that they will continue to research and develop various raw materials and products while actively exploring the overseas market by connecting new partnerships and market using localized strategies.

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