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B.lactis IDCC 4301: A Finalist at NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2023

2023년 7월 10일

Celebrating Scientific Excellence and Innovation in Probiotic Research

In a remarkable achievement for the world of probiotics, Ildong Bioscience's innovative product, B.lactis IDCC 4301, has been recognized as a finalist at the prestigious NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2023.

The accolade is particularly attributed to the compelling results of Ildong Bioscience's human clinical trials focusing on weight control. The company's unwavering commitment to scientific excellence and its emphasis on promoting intestinal health have garnered significant attention and recognition within the nutrition and wellness industry.

Ildong Bioscience: Pioneering Probiotic Innovation

Ildong Bioscience, a prominent player in the field of probiotics, has been making significant strides in enhancing our understanding of the gut microbiome's impact on overall well-being. The company's dedication to developing groundbreaking probiotic solutions has earned it a respected position within the industry.

One of Ildong Bioscience's standout products is B.lactis IDCC 4301, a candidate substance that has undergone rigorous human clinical trials. This probiotic marvel boasts two distinct trials—one focusing on intestinal health and the other on weight control. The exceptional results yielded by these trials have contributed to the product's selection as a finalist at the NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2023.

B.lactis IDCC 4301: A Probiotic Powerhouse

What sets B.lactis IDCC 4301 apart is its comprehensive approach to human health. The dual human clinical trials, which delve into both intestinal health and weight control, have underscored the multifaceted benefits of this probiotic powerhouse. Ildong Bioscience's commitment to scientific rigor and meticulous research has resulted in a product that not only meets industry standards but surpasses them.

NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2023: A Platform for Recognition

The NutraIngredients-Asia Awards serve as a premier platform for recognizing and celebrating innovation in the nutrition and wellness sector across the Asia-Pacific region. Year after year, the awards showcase outstanding products and initiatives that push the boundaries of scientific advancement and contribute to the betterment of human health.

Ildong Bioscience's inclusion as a finalist at the NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2023 is a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence. The recognition reinforces the company's position as a trailblazer in the probiotics landscape and affirms the impact of its groundbreaking research efforts.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Ildong Bioscience's B.lactis IDCC 4301 continues to gain recognition and accolades, the future looks promising for both the company and the realm of functional probiotics. The strides made by Ildong Bioscience exemplify the potential of scientific innovation to drive positive change in human health and well-being.

In the ever-evolving landscape of nutrition and wellness, Ildong Bioscience stands out as a beacon of innovation, and its recognition at the NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2023 marks a significant milestone on its journey toward revolutionizing human health through the power of probiotics.

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