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ILDONG Bioscience Secures Patent for Probiotics Preventing Pet Obesity

2023년 5월 17일

Harnessing Probiotics Technology for Healthier Pets

Ildong Bioscience, a leading company in the field of lactobacillus technology, is expanding its pet business by focusing on innovative probiotic solutions. This month, the company achieved a significant milestone by securing a patent for probiotics that effectively prevent obesity in pets.

According to the information obtained from the patent search service Cyprus on the 17th, Ildong Bioscience successfully registered a patent for a "composition for preventing or treating pet obesity, including Enterococcus fascium IDC 2102."

Enterococcus fascium IDC 2102 is a strain of intestinal microbial bacterium derived from the feces of breastfeeding infants. It is distinguished by its ability to reduce intestinal inflammatory factors and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, specifically those belonging to the Enterococcus genus.

Notably, IDC 2102 demonstrated promising weight loss effects in animal experiments conducted on 12 beagles. The beagles, which consumed feed mixed with IDC 2102 for a total of 9 weeks, displayed significant improvements in body composition, obesity indicators, and inflammation-related markers in their blood.

Blood tests revealed statistically significant reductions in inflammation-related factors such as "TNF-alpha," "interleukin-1beta," and "interleukin-6" compared to the control group, which experienced obesity-related issues. Furthermore, the levels of adiponectin, a hormone involved in fatty acid decomposition, showed improvement.

Capitalizing on this patent, Ildong Bioscience plans to develop products that address pet obesity. These innovations can be utilized as pet food, feed additives, snacks, or even commercialized as therapeutic drugs.

Furthermore, Ildong Bioscience houses an extensive collection of over 6,000 strains of probiotics at the Il-Dong Culture Collection (IDCC). Leveraging this valuable resource, the company has introduced products like 'Ildong Pet Probiotics Biovita' as part of its pet business offerings.

With the patent for preventing pet obesity, Ildong Bioscience aims to enhance the health and well-being of dogs and cats. By utilizing their expertise in lactobacillus technology, the company is dedicated to providing effective solutions that promote healthy weight management and overall pet wellness.

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