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ILDONG Bioscience Showcases Probiotic Innovations at China Healthplex Expo 2023

2023년 6월 22일

Korean Health Functional Food Company Highlights Cutting-Edge Technologies and Expands into Asian Markets

Ildong Bioscience, a subsidiary of the renowned Ildong Pharmaceutical Group, recently took center stage at the China Healthplex Expo 2023 (Natural & Nutritional Products China 2023). The event served as a crucial platform for Ildong Bioscience to showcase its latest advancements in probiotic raw materials, products, and cutting-edge technologies. With a strong focus on expanding into neighboring Asian markets, including China, the company aims to leverage its unique offerings and localized strategies to achieve international success.

Held at the prestigious National Exhibition & Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai, China, the China Healthplex Expo (HNC) 2023 proved to be an ideal stage for Ildong Bioscience's breakthrough innovations. The event drew in a diverse range of participants from the health industry and featured a wide array of health food, supplements, natural herbs, and functional raw materials.

As a representative Korean company, Ildong Bioscience captured attention by setting up an impressive promotional booth at the expo. The company introduced visitors to its original technologies, including probiotic raw materials, functional materials, quadruple coating methods, and exclusive facilities. These advancements underscored Ildong Bioscience's commitment to pushing the boundaries of probiotics and solidified its reputation as an industry leader.

One of the highlights of Ildong Bioscience's participation was the unveiling of more than 20 functional probiotic materials during the expo. These materials showcased the company's wide range of capabilities and included Self-Affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) raw materials from the U.S., NHP (National Health Product) registered materials from Canada, and materials certified as halal and kosher. The diverse selection emphasized Ildong Bioscience's dedication to quality, safety, and compliance with international standards.

Looking ahead, Ildong Bioscience has set its sights on expanding into neighboring Asian markets, with China being a primary target. By actively seeking strategic partnerships and cultivating trading relationships, the company aims to establish a strong foothold in these markets. Ildong Bioscience's differentiated raw materials, functional offerings, and tailored strategies uniquely position it for success in the international arena.

The participation of Ildong Bioscience in the China Healthplex Expo 2023 serves as a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and global expansion. With its focus on original technologies and customized strategies, Ildong Bioscience is poised to capture new opportunities, forge strategic alliances, and meet the evolving needs of consumers worldwide. Keep an eye on this pioneering company as it continues to make waves in the health functional food industry.

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