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Ildong Bioscience Showcases Probiotics at HNC 2024 in China

2024년 6월 25일

Highlights Functional Materials and Global Market Expansion at Shanghai Event

Ildong Bioscience (CEO Lee Jang-hyey), a subsidiary of Ildong Pharmaceutical Group specializing in health functional foods, announced on the 24th that it participated in the Chinese Health Functional Food Fair "HNC 2024" to showcase the company's functional materials and products and explore business opportunities.

"Healthplex Expo (HNC) Natural & Natural Products China" is an international exhibition featuring various products and materials related to the healthcare sector, such as health food, supplements, and functional raw materials. This year's event was held in Shanghai, China, from the 19th to the 21st.

Ildong Bioscience set up a promotional booth at the event to introduce various functional materials and raw materials using probiotics and postbiotics, along with showcasing their source technology and dedicated facilities.

The company highlighted that more than 20 types of U.S. GRAS (generally recognized as safe) raw materials and functional materials, tailored to the characteristics of the global market, such as HALAL and Kosher-certified raw materials, garnered significant attention from visitors.

An official from Ildong Bioscience stated, "We plan to enhance our business competitiveness by targeting Asian markets, including China, and strengthening partnerships to support global expansion."

Ildong Bioscience, established as an affiliate of Ildong Holdings after a company split in 2016, leverages Ildong Pharmaceutical's original technology and infrastructure related to probiotics. The company is currently developing functional materials and products using probiotics, supplying raw materials, and advancing OEM and ODM businesses.

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