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Publishes a research paper on reducing body fat in SCI journal

2023년 1월 15일

A joint study with a research team led by Professor Jeong Young-hoon of the Department of Food Engineering at Kyungpook National University Promoting the development of products related to body fat reduction

Ildong Bioscience (CEO Lee Jang-hwi), a health functional food business company of Ildong Pharmaceutical Group, announced on the 12th that a research paper confirming the effect of reducing body fat in its probiotics strain has been published in an international journal.

The journal containing the research paper is "Molecular Nutrition & Food Research," a world-renowned SCI (Science Citation Index) journal in food nutrition.

Ildong Bioscience conducted a joint study with a research team led by Professor Jeong Young-hoon of the Food Engineering Department of Kyungpook National University's Agricultural Life Sciences University to investigate the body fat reduction effect of its "Bipidobacterium lactis IDCC 4301 (IDCC 4301).

Cell experiments using fat precursor cells (3T3-L1) showed that the content of neutral fat was significantly reduced compared to the control group in the fat cell group mixed with "IDCC 4301" solute at a specific concentration, and the expression of proteins involved in fat cell differentiation and fat synthesis was also significantly suppressed.

In addition, animal experiments on experimental mice showed that the weight of the group that fed "IDCC 4301" for 12 weeks along with high-fat diets decreased significantly compared to the control group that only ate high-fat diets, and the size of fat cells decreased. In addition, the expression of genes involved in fat cell differentiation and fat synthesis was suppressed, while the expression of genes related to fat decomposition increased.

As a result of analyzing the blood of the "IDCC 4301" intake group, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol were significantly reduced, and the expression of leptin, a hormone related to obesity, as one of cytokines, was also reduced, the researchers explained.

Ildong Bioscience said, "We have confirmed the possibility of expanding the commercialization of 'IDCC 4301' through research. We plan to develop it as an individually recognized functional raw material of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety related to reducing body fat through human application tests."

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