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Strategic Leap of Korean FDA: Fostering Global Food and Medicine Safety

2024년 2월 21일

Uniting for Global Impact: The Korean FDA, Industry Leaders, and Ban Oh-hyun's Role in Shaping the Future

The Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has set forth an ambitious agenda to amplify the international footprint of South Korea's food and pharmaceutical industries. At the "Food and Drug Future Vision National Dialogue" convened in Seoul, the ministry unveiled a strategic vision aimed at integrating food and medicine safety into everyday life. This vision emphasizes the core principles of science, on-the-ground action, and partnership, encapsulated in the acronym "SOP," and outlines a path toward enhanced export opportunities.

Central to this vision is the ministry's GPS strategy, which stands for Global Leader, Partner, Supporter. This approach is designed to promote regulatory diplomacy and foster cooperation among international regulatory entities. The strategy was spotlighted during one of three public dialogues planned by the ministry, gathering over 70 participants including Minister of Food and Drug Safety Oh Yoo-kyung, industry representatives, and trade experts. The discussions focused on the "Partnership" facet of the ministry's SOP values, aiming at collaborative efforts to bolster global expansion.

The event featured in-depth discussions on the ministry's global cooperation and export assistance initiatives, followed by an open forum where companies aired their export-related hurdles. The dialogue sought to explore ways to ensure that exemplary domestic products can navigate the complex landscape of global export regulations more smoothly.

On the third from the left, Ban Oh-hyun, the head of the factory, presses a button to declare exports.

A notable moment of the event was the ceremonial unveiling of the GPS policy logo, symbolizing a commitment to international cooperation and export growth. Ban Oh-hyun, on behalf of the pharmaceutical and health functional food industries, played a pivotal role by activating the ceremony's launch mechanism, indicating the industry's endorsement of the ministry's global outreach efforts.

Minister Oh Yoo-kyung emphasized the ministry's focus on science, fieldwork, and partnership as key strategies for making food and drug safety a daily reality. Through initiatives like co-hosting international symposiums and entering into mutual recognition agreements with major countries, the ministry aims to facilitate the entry of Korean products into global markets, thereby underlining a strong commitment to raising domestic innovation to the international stage.

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