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Exploring the Success of ILDONG Bioscience at HNC EXPO: Innovations in Probiotics and Skincare

The HNC EXPO, held annually in China, is a premier event in the health and nutrition industry, attracting exhibitors and attendees from around the world. This year, ILDONG Bioscience had the pleasure of participating in the event, showcasing our cutting-edge products and engaging with industry leaders, potential partners, and consumers. The experience was immensely fruitful, highlighting the growing global interest in probiotics, postbiotics, and innovative skincare solutions.

A Promising Exhibition: HNC EXPO

The HNC EXPO (Healthplex Expo and Natural & Nutraceutical Products China), hosted in Shanghai, serves as a significant platform for businesses in the health and nutrition sector to present their latest innovations, network with other professionals, and explore new market opportunities. As one of the most prestigious exhibitions in China, it provides a unique opportunity to understand the evolving trends in the Asian health and wellness market, particularly in China, which is rapidly becoming a major player in this industry.

ILDONG Bioscience: Pioneering Health Solutions

At ILDONG Bioscience, our mission is to advance health and wellness through innovative bioscience products. Our participation in the HNC EXPO was driven by our desire to showcase our flagship product, Q-shield, alongside other exciting developments in our product lineup.

Q-shield: The Next Generation of Probiotics

One of the highlights of our exhibit was Q-shield, a breakthrough in probiotic technology. Q-shield is a coated probiotic designed to enhance the stability and efficacy of probiotic bacteria. The unique coating protects the probiotics from the harsh acidic environment of the stomach, ensuring that a higher number of live bacteria reach the intestines where they can provide the most benefit. This innovation addresses one of the common challenges in probiotic supplementation—ensuring that the beneficial bacteria survive long enough to be effective.

The response to Q-shield at the expo was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees were particularly interested in the science behind the coating technology and its potential health benefits. The enthusiasm and inquiries we received have reinforced our belief that Q-shield has the potential to significantly impact the probiotic market.

Rising Interest in Postbiotics

In addition to probiotics, postbiotics garnered significant attention at the expo. Postbiotics, the metabolic byproducts of probiotic bacteria, are emerging as a promising area of research and application in the health and wellness industry. Unlike probiotics, postbiotics do not contain live bacteria, which makes them more stable and easier to incorporate into various products.

Skincare Innovations: Ceraglow

Another area that drew considerable interest was our skincare line, particularly Ceraglow. Ceraglow represents a fusion of advanced bioscience and skincare, utilizing bioactive compounds to enhance skin health and appearance. The product line includes formulations designed to hydrate, protect, and rejuvenate the skin, leveraging the benefits of ingredients such as ceramides, peptides, and postbiotics.


Our participation in the HNC EXPO was a resounding success, marked by positive feedback, valuable connections, and a deeper understanding of the Chinese market. The interest in Q-shield, postbiotics, and Ceraglow highlights the growing demand for innovative health and skincare solutions. At ILDONG Bioscience, we are committed to meeting this demand with products that are scientifically advanced, effective, and tailored to the needs of our consumers.

As we look to the future, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. The insights and experiences gained from the expo will undoubtedly shape our approach and drive our efforts to bring the best of bioscience to the global market. We thank everyone who visited our booth and engaged with us at the HNC EXPO, and we look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence in the health and wellness industry.


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