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Nutralliance Showcases ILDONG Bioscience Ingredients at the Prestigious Florida Section Suppliers' Night Expo

We are thrilled to announce that our exclusive distributor, Nutralliance, will be representing ILDONG Bioscience at the upcoming Florida Section Suppliers' Night Expo. This renowned event, organized by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), is set to take place in January 2024, and promises to be a congregation of the most innovative and forward-thinking players in the food industry.

Nutralliance, a respected name in the distribution of premium quality ingredients, shares our commitment to excellence and innovation. By representing ILDONG Bioscience and other quality ingredients at this expo, they will be showcasing our top-of-the-line ingredients, which are the result of cutting-edge research and a deep understanding of the science of nutrition and health.

At ILDONG Bioscience, as detailed on our website, we pride ourselves on our rich history and expertise in developing high-quality ingredients. Our collaboration with Nutralliance is a strategic step towards making our products more accessible to a global audience.

We invite all attendees to visit the Nutralliance booth, where they will have the opportunity to learn more about our unique ingredients and how they can make a significant difference in product development.

We look forward to seeing you at the Florida Section Suppliers' Night Expo and sharing our passion for innovative and high-quality ingredients.

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AnaMaria Cuentas M.S. - Director of Probiotics

Toby Smeltzer - Director of Sales

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